Amy Lee's Honey Cafe

Brand Design

Art Direction

The goal of Amy Lee’s Honey Cafe is to create an environment where people can enjoy good food but also create strong community. It’s very important to me to create a cohesive experience when I’m designing and this is where it’s come together for me the most. I first designed this project in my senior year of college and throughout the years, i’ve done many refinements and small pushes to build on the design structure. Overall. the goal here was to use honey (as a food item) as the anchor for everything that it could be paired with. In its design, I wanted to to be simple yet recognizable. I wanted to appear welcoming and memorable. most importantly, I wanted to to be evergreen. For it to help us be seen as a cafe during the week day hours but also as a very popular brunch spot on the weekends. As a place where you come and read and write and get work done during the day, but also a place to come hear live music and open mic poetry. I’m pretty confident these things are accomplished.


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